3-Day Workshop in Lisbon

A 3-day workshop will be organized in Lisbon, in September 26-28, to discuss the impact of climate change on the health of bridges. It includes scientific meetings, a seminar, and a roundtable, namely:

26th: Scientific Meetings to discuss the case study
27th (9-13h): Seminar
27th (15-17h): Roundtable with the main Portuguese bridge authorities

  • “Analyzing climate change impacts on infrastructure in Sweden”, Lund University, Amro Nasr
  • “IP’s Bridges and Climate-Resilient Infrastructure Strategy”, Infraestruturas de Portugal, Sérgio Pereira, Paulo Melo, and Luísa Soares
  • “Achievements and challenges in the long-term performance of prestressed concrete bridges, including the impact of climate changes – the case study of the Lezíria Bridge”, Brisa – Autoestradas de Portugal, Hélder Sousa e Cláudia Onofre

28th: Scientific Meetings

The main findings of this workshop will be summarized and published in the form of an international publication.